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Bulova Hack: A Remake of Vintage Military Watches

The Bulova Hack is a collection that pays tribute to its history. For more than a hundred years, Bulova has been producing quality timepieces that pursued innovation and technology. Among its famous watches include the Bulova Marine Star, Bulova Oceanographer, and Bulova Chronograph. The standardized production and electronic watches are the first innovations of the brand, which made them famous throughout the years. 

Now, the Bulova Hack makes its own mark in the industry because of its military functions and features. The color schemes used in this collection are the first things that everyone can associate with the military styles. The collection also offers rugged-style watches that can be easily mixed and matched with any wardrobe.

Prices at a Glance: The Most Popular Bulova Hack Watches

Here are the approximate prices of some of the most popular Bulova Hack watches. You may also check out the top features that come along with each model. 


Price (Approx.)


Bulova Hack Automatic Ivory Dial Men's Watch 96A246

$219 USD

  • 38mm diameter
  • Ivory dial
  • Leather NATO band material
  • Luminous black hands
  • Fixed bezel

Bulova Hack Automatic Black Dial Men's Watch 98A255

$450 USD

  • 38mm diameter
  • Black dial
  • Leather NATO band material
  • Luminous silver-tone hands
  • Fixed bezel

Bulova Hack Black Dial Men’s Watch 96A102

$150 USD

  • 40mm diameter
  • Balck dial
  • Silver hands
  • Green canvas strap 
  • Push-pull crown with rivet holes

Bulova Hack Military VWI Limited Edition Automatic Watch 96A259

$278 USD

  • 38mm diameter
  • Black dial
  • Stainless steel case material
  • Green canvas strap
  • Double domed mineral dial window

How much does a Bulova Hack watch Cost?

The cost of each Bulova Hack watch may vary depending whether it is a brand new or pre-owned piece. However, the Bulova Hack watches are very affordable yet give the functionalities that everyone needs. 

The Bulova Hack Military VWI (Veterans Watchmaker Initiative) Limited Edition 96A259 is one of the sought-after watches from Bulova. With a retail price of $278 USD, you can have a timepiece that has a high value. This is made to pay homage to the first military watch in World War II. What’s more, this is also made by disabled war veterans who were taught to develop the skills in watchmaking. 

This Limited Edition Hack is designed with modern elements that are combined with vintage aesthetics. The VWI printed logo is placed in the screw-back case with glass. It is also secured with a green nylon strap as a depiction of the military color. The dark black dial has luminescent hands and markers to provide an easy-to-see time and day for the wearer. And to ensure its precision, it comes with a three-hand automatic movement with a 42-hour power reserve. 

Another popular watch from the collection is the Bulova Hack Automatic 96A246 men’s watch. It costs around $219 USD and comes with a 38mm diameter size and 13.5mm thickness. The ivory dial is designed simply and clearly. It is a practical watch that is similar to most of the watches that the US army uses in their essential kits. And to keep your timekeeping easier, it provides a 12-hour track and a smaller 24-hour track. Both of them are bound by the cathedral seconds, minute, and hour hands. 

It has a hacking feature; hence, it is named Bulova Hack. The Miyota 82S0 automatic movement will allow you to pull out the crown to synchronize the watch to the second. This is a hack that the soldiers use to ensure the timely completion of missions. Unlike the limited edition, this model used a leather NATO-style strap, making it more comfortable on the wrist. 

Meanwhile, Bulova Hack 96A102 men’s watch that approximately costs $150 USD is one of the commemorative models from Bulova. This essential grab-and-go piece is already hard to find since it was discontinued by the brand. But moreover, pre-owned pieces are still worthy to have. This model comes in two different versions: one with just “Bulova” on the dial and the other version that shows a tuning fork logo above the Bulova text.

It has bold Arabic numbers rather than using the traditional Roman numerals. Its hour markers are luminescent for easy timekeeping, especially in broad daylight. Its 33m stainless steel case is paired with a green canvas strap with rivet holes for effortless adjustment. 

Lastly, you should never miss the Bulova Hack Automatic 98A255 men’s watch for an affordable price of $450 only. This 38mm military-inspired watch is smaller in size but has the same thickness to give a solid function. Its size is just perfect for men and women who love rugged and functional pieces.  The stainless steel used in its case is coated with PVD, which is scratch-resistant that endures bumps and shocks. This model has a more angular design particularly the lugs, which is more suitable in overall styling. 

The curved glass used in the dial is also something to look out for. It is made with mineral glass with an anti-reflective coating. It creates nice distortion on the edges while giving an easy-to-read time through the 24-hour and 12-hour scales. The thin and sharp cathedral hands are luminescent just like the other models in this collection. 

What is a Miyota 82S0 movement?

The Miyota 82S0 is the movement used by Bulova Hack to achieve high precision watches. It has an automatic and hand-winding function that offers an accuracy of  -20 ~ +40 seconds per day. This is measured within 10-60 minutes from a full wind via the crown, which needs to turn 40 times to fully wind. 

Moreover, it has a layout of open balance that is skeletonized at 7 o’clock and central seconds. The hacking mechanism in Bulova Hack watches is powered by Miyota 82S0 that works by pulling out the crown to stop the second’s hand. More of its functions and features are the 42-hour power reserve, 21600 per hour vibration frequency, 21 pcs jewels, and exchangeable metal rings, casing clamps, and screws. 

Its durability and precision are measured by fully automated assembly lines, a specialized computer that is used to detect missing parts and major damage, microscopes to inspect the parts being put together, and automated nerve-wracking processes. 

The Miyota Movement is used by several brands in manufacturing high-precision watches. It is a Japan-based manufacturer with high-speed automatic assembly lines developed in-house calibers with strict quality checks. Furthermore, it is part of the Citizen group that aims to create sustainable production facilities and make a difference by valuing human rights, labor practices, BCP, and productivity improvements, in addition to environmental considerations. One of its sustainable innovations today is the use of metals in all of its parts to enhance the beauty of colors and textures. It also promotes durable, reliable, and repairable products for the public. 

History Behind the Bulova Hack Collection

One hundred and forty years ago, Joseph Bulova started the Bulova watch brand by opening a small store in New York City to realize his dreams to craft supreme quality timepieces for an ever-changing and dynamic landscape. His foundation in building this brand is to have an unwavering drive for perfection, efficiency, precision, and quality craftsmanship.

Since then, it started innovating standardized production of watches to develop the first fully electronic watch that uses tuning-fork-based technology, which eventually tops the most accurate watches in the world at that time. A few of its famous and remarkable collections of watches are the Bulova Precisionist collection in 2010, the Bulova Marine Star and, of course, the Bulova Hack collection.

The Bulova Hack collection combines vintage and military designs in one watch. But even so, it is also made with contemporary design and modern movements such as the Miyota 82S0. This collection features uncomplicated dials. Meaning, it has no subdials, no date window, and only contains 24-hour Arabic numeral markers. The outer 12-hr set has illuminated paint to make it light regardless of the weather and day. While the inner 13 to 24-hour markers are painted red to make a distinction. 

The hands you see in this collection are unique compared to other watches. The hour hand is made shorter with a spade-shaped tip. The minute hand is made longer and has a sword-like shape. While the second-hand looks like a fine silver needle that has a small nub in the back end to balance the weight and shapes of the hands. 

To achieve a tough military look, it uses stainless steel with an average size in diameter, making it smaller than the usual watches for men. The bezel is intentionally made to be narrow and flat. While the case is solid and covers the movement. The overall design draws your attention to the dial since it is made with unusual design and features — something that other brands do not have. 

Finally, the olive green NATO strap is made that way to fully imitate the military watches used several years ago. It is made from supple leather with comfortable padding to make it more wearable on every occasion and outdoor use. 

Is buying a Bulova Hack watch worth it?

There are hundreds of watches available in the market today that surely match your wants, too. However, the Bulova watches, especially the Bulova Hack collection, are also something worth considering. Here are a few of the reasons why a Bulova Hack watch is worth your money:

1. Rich Watchmaking Heritage

For more than a hundred years, it has become one of the largest and longest-running reliable brands of timepieces in the industry. It has made a wide range of collections of watches for the public at very affordable prices. It remains one of the best watch brands that can compete with the likes of Seiko, Rado, Citizen, and more. 

2. High Quality

As mentioned above, Bulova powers the Hack watches with the Miyota movement. This movement uses sustainable materials and offers durable mechanisms. 

3. Affordable 

The Bulova Hack price ranges from $100 USD to$600 USD. Though there are some that sell at higher prices, rest assured that the models are of the same quality and materials. But regardless of the price and model, you will see that most of the Bulova Hack watches are always worth more than the dollars you pay.

4. Pays Tribute to History

All of the models in the Bulova Hack collection are military-inspired. Hence, they feature the simplicity of the dial, time-hacking features, and the green NATO straps. Moreover, the watches are made by disabled war veterans who were taught to develop skills in watchmaking. Meaning, these watches are considered to be high in value for those who made them. 

Bulova Hack: Functional to the Core

The iconic timepieces of the Bulova Hack collection may not be the most luxurious watch you can have, but they are surely one of the most functional and valuable watches you’ll ever own. These are also great watches that you can give to your family and friends during important events. 

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