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Bulova Computron Watches: A Retro Breath of Fresh Air

When the rush of digital watches came, the Bulova Computron was among the most prominent and most powerful options in the game. The collection was first released in 1976 during the height of the Quartz Crisis and was reintroduced by Bulova at Baselworld in 2019. 

The great advantage that digital watches had over their more traditional counterparts was the fact that they had a much longer functioning time, and it’s equally easy to replace their battery when it’s all used up. Digital watches are also much easier to read in the dark, especially since only the more expensive watches could have luminous dials in the past.

Digital watches were able to be more slim and whole lot more sleek which made them even more universally flattering to whoever wore them. It did not take long at all before it became a whole realm in itself where there was a new competition going on amongst other digital watches. However, it can definitely be said that the Bulova Computron was there right around the beginning of it all that it earned its crown as a true member of the retro digital watch club. The Bulova Computron is nothing short of unique – even for a digital watch. Unlike the traditional orientation of most watches, the time actually faces off to the side instead of facing straight up, which can make it easier to spot even without raising your hand to check the time. The most distinct portion, however, is of course its trapezoidal casing that transitions smoothly into the silhouette of the bracelet. The result is almost an illusion that the wearer is just sporting a thick metal bracelet instead of a whole watch.

Prices at a Glance: The Most Popular Bulova Computron Watches

ModelPrice (approximate)SizeFeatures
Bulova Computron Black Stainless Steel Digital Watch$295 USD33mm
  • Stainless Steel case, 30m Splash Resistance, Traditional buckle closure, Time zone, Dual day/date, LED backlight, 12/24 hour time, Red LED display
Bulova Computron Gold Tone Stainless Steel Digital Watch$395 USD33mm
  • Stainless Steel case, 30m Splash Resistance, Traditional buckle closure, Time zone, Dual day/date, LED backlight, 12/24 hour time, Red LED display
Bulova Computron Silver Stainless Steel Digital Watch$350 USD33mm
  • Stainless Steel case, 30m Splash Resistance, Traditional buckle closure, Time zone, Dual day/date, LED backlight, 12/24 hour time, Blue LED display


How much is a Bulova Computron watch?

Unlike a lot of watch collections out there, the Bulova Computron doesn’t really have that many variations to the design other than the changing tones of the LED displays as well as the metal used for the casing and the bracelet. Especially in the realm of vintage watches, there’s not a lot of room for changing up the design, so it’s not uncommon to find watches that only have one or two variations.

The first and probably most popular variation of the collection is the Bulova Computron Gold Tone Stainless Steel version. It has a splash resistance of up to 30 meters of depth. You can also view the date and time on the digital display which comes in a red tone to compliment the yellow gold metal material that surrounds it. The time isn’t always displayed as you need to press the button to have it flash across the screen. The gold steel option is also the most expensive variation out of the three, which is priced for $395 USD.

The second variation tones down the bright yellow gold and trades it for a cool silver stainless steel finish. It still bears all the bells and whistles that the gold version has but the main difference that it has with all the other Bulova Computrons is its unique electric blue digital display. The combination of the polished silver tone and the cool blue time teller makes this the perfect option for those who don’t think gold suits their skin tone or general fashion sense. The silver option costs as much as $350 USD.

Last but not the least, you have the black stainless steel Bulova Computron. The features that made everyone fall in love with this vintage marvel is also still very much present in the black stainless steel version. Visually, the black steel bracelet can look like a rubber bracelet, but it’s actually a cool and textured fine piece of metal. This variation is especially perfect for those who are looking for a watch with a sparkle that won’t steal focus from your outfit. The black stainless steel version is the cheapest among all the options with a low price of $295.

Is the Bulova Computron a good investment?

The situation of a Bulova Computron in the buy and sell market is a bit of a trickier one. It isn’t exactly in the same boat as most luxury watches that experience the very typical and traditional fall and rise of their value. However, the investment part of owning a Bulova Computron comes with the territory of vintage watch collectors. If you’re able to get your hands on a very old Bulova Computron that was manufactured and sold around the time of the digital watch boom, then it could possibly fetch an incredibly high price in the realm of watch collectors. However, in the context of the more traditional watch trading, it would be the more common scenario to get the same price you paid for it or much lower. In conclusion, the rare old ones released in the past will make the better investment.

History Behind the Iconic Bulova Computron Watch

The Bulova Computron’s beginnings actually stemmed from the quartz crisis during the 1970s. This was also the time when LED light was invented and watchmakers were looking to other resources to craft their timepieces, so this truly gave way to the era of digital watches. They were significantly cheaper to make than the very complex traditional watches which is why they were generally more affordable. Even to this day, the price of a digital watch is always kept at an affordable range. The Bulova Computron was, of course, one of the watches that were at the forefront of this digital movement and the people certainly welcomed the change with open arms.

As for the design of the Bulova Computron, it was definitely a very elegant approach that was combined with a very futuristic and artistic form. The most distinct feature of this watch is probably its strong and edgy trapezoidal casing. A lot of people would actually compare the design to something you would probably find in the cartoon show, The Jetsons. This iconic watch from Bulova is completely made of stainless steel from the casing to the bracelet and it only has three variations in existence: the gold tone steel, silver stainless steel, and the black stainless steel. When it comes to their features, it’s all kept pretty uniform with a digital display for date and time, as well as a button on the side that triggers the display to turn on. The Bulova Computron was also described a lot as a driving watch because of the unique location of its digital display. Instead of being dead center on the casing, it can be found off to the side almost perfectly facing the wearer. In theory, if you had both hands on the wheel, you could effortlessly see the time without even trying.

3 Reasons to Buy a Bulova Computron Watch

1. They’re incredibly unique and hard to replicate.

Unlike a lot of fancy luxury watches, the Bulova Computron is definitely not the type of watch to get lost in a crowd. Especially with the watch market being so incredibly competitive today, it can be hard to find more unique designs that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. The design of the Computron is not only super unique, but it’s also actually quite elegant and easy to pair with almost any outfit you can think of. It possesses its own personal brand of sleekness that truly can’t be found anywhere else.

2. They will last you an incredibly long time.

The simpler construction of the Bulova Computron means you don’t really have to worry about a million different pieces moving under the hood and one of them accidentally breaking. For the most part, a digital watch relies heavily on their battery which you can easily change out whenever it’s that time. The plus side is that these batteries usually last for the longest time. Some even go as far as 10 years ahead. The stainless steel case is also sure to last for a very long time and it’s impossible not to get your money’s worth out of a watch like this.

3. They’re a piece of history you can keep forever.

There are truly so many watches in the market that have earned their legendary status because of their design or maybe their cultural significance, but there aren’t a lot of watches that can say that they were born out of a historical crisis. The digital watch era is a year of innovations that brought us a lot of the great things that people enjoy to this very day such as the creation of the LED light. Getting a Bulova Computron isn’t just about getting a cool digital watch that people can marvel at, but it can also be a collector’s item of a vintage watch that helped start an entire movement for the horology world.

Bulova Computron: A Retro-Futuristic Watch Like No Other

Whether you’re just in the market for a watch that doesn’t look like all the other watches in existence, or you’re a collector that likes to bask in the nostalgia of vintage items, the Bulova Computron is certainly an option that’s worth your consideration. Its design is truly unlike any other, and for a watch that was designed in the ‘70s, it can still hold up in today’s fashion scene without much of a problem at all. It can also be considered a perfect watch for minimalists that really just want to see the time and nothing else. There’s just something very special about its slanted digital display that doesn’t need a lot of effort to be read. Or perhaps you lived through the era of the quartz crisis and you just wanted something to remember that era by, then the Bulova Computron is also a fine choice to represent that time. This watch certainly will never run out of unique reasons for you to take some interest in it. It takes the concept of being a unique competitor in the market to a whole new level as almost every single thing about it is something to be considered as a one of a kind thing. So if you are finding yourself in the market for a cool new watch that won’t break your bank account, then you will probably find what you’re looking for in the cool and retro catalog of Bulova.

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