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Briston: A Young Brand with High-Caliber Watches

Briston, founded by Brice Jaunet in 2012, is one of the young brands in the watchmaking industry today. The brand offers various collections of high-caliber watches, starting from the Briston Clubmaster Classic to Briston Clubmaster Sport.

For almost a decade now, the brand has been slowly carving its niche in the world of watches, offering sporty timepieces with chic designs. It’s no wonder why many watch buyers and collectors, especially the younger ones, love to add Briston to their collection. 

How much is a Briston watch? 

ModelPrice (approximate)Size Features
Briston Clubmaster Classic Gold Chronograph $139 USD40mm

Stainless steel

Mineral crystal

Cushion back shape

Gray baton hands

100m water resistance


Briston Clubmaster Classic Acetate Gold Chronograph $239 USD40mm

Acetate material

Mineral crystal

Cushion shape


100mm resistance

Briston Streamliner Skeleton$720 USD42mm

Stainless steel

Sapphire glass

Interchangeable vintage leather strap

Skeleton baton  hands

50m water resistance

Briston Clubmaster Diver Pro$760 USD44mm

Stainless steel and ceramic external bezel

Sapphire glass

Interchangeable rubber strap

Brushed steel “arrow-shaped” hands With natural Superluminova

300m water resistance

Briston Clubmaster Sport Acetate Safari Men’s Watch$366 USD42mm

Matte tortoise shell acetate



Interchangeable NATO strap

100m water resistance

Briston Clubmaster Classic Acetate Gold $225 USD40mm

Tortoise shell acetate

Rose gold (PVD) finishing

Silvered white dial

Rhodium-plated baton  hands


Interchangeable NATO strap

100m water resistance


Briston Clubmaster Chic Acetate Women’s Watch$177 USD36mm

Acetate tortoise shell

Black semi-glossy dial

Interchangeable NATO strap

100m water resistance

Briston Clubmaster Lady Acetate Gold


$200 USD24mm

Acetate tortoise shell

Rose gold (PVD) finishing

Interchangeable NATO strap

50m water resistance

Briston Clubmaster Sport Acetate$342 USD42mm

Tortoise shell acetate case

Sunray green olive dial

Interchangeable NATO strap

100m water resistance

Briston Clubmaster Classic Terracotta Acetate $340 USD40mm

Tortoise shell acetate case

Nude with matte powder finish dial

Interchangeable NATO strap 

100m water resistance

Briston Clubmaster Classic Khaki Steel Chronograph $149 USD40mm

Stainless steel

Mineral crystal

Baton hands

100m water resistance



Briston Watch Collections

Although Briston is relatively one of the newest brands in the industry, it offers top-notch and elegant timepieces. In fact, in its less than a decade in the watchmaking industry, the brand has already proved its worth, rising in popularity among watch lovers with its collections of sports and classic — not to mention affordable — watches that suit everyone’s style. 

Briston also offers a wide collection of timepieces you'll surely love to add to your list. Check these Briston's collections below.

Prices for the Briston Clubmaster Classic: Timeless Watches for Everyday Wear

Whenever you ask a watch lover about their first-ever pick collection of Briston, they would definitely tell you how much they love to own the Briston Clubmaster Classic. This timepiece is inspired from a vintage Panerai chronograph  dive watch. 

Like other first models that Briston had introduced in 2013, the new Clubmaster Classic offers a combination of sporty and chic design with a unique style identity. It features a cambered-shaped square case, the brand's ultimate signature, which makes it stand out. Plus, the brand ensures only to use top quality materials, such as steel and cellulose acetate in producing these sport-style watches. 

Furthermore, the watch features date and chronograph functions and comes in 11.7mm thick, 20mm Lug width, and a 40mm diameter size, which means it perfectly fits anyone with an average wrist size. The Briston Clubmaster Classic also comes with nylon and leather interchangeable straps, letting the owner pick what they prefer to use for the day. This stylish and versatile Briston watch is quartz-powered and water-resistant up to 100m (10 ATM). 

As for the price, it varies depending on the specifications of the materials of the watch. Models made of tortoise acetate and steel are priced at around $320 USD, while Models made out of tortoise acetate and rose gold or gold cost around $340 USD.

Prices for the Briston Clubmaster Sport: Ode to 1960’s Car Racing

Officially introduced in 2014, the Briston Clubmaster Sport collection is inspired by the oldie's 1960’s racing cars. With its special and innovative design and materials, the Clubmaster Sport swiftly grabs the attention of watch lovers and collectors not just in France but also across other continents. 

Let's say you're going to check each part of this timepiece. In that case, you'll find under its hood the movement that was originally signed by Miyota — a popular Quartz OS21 that was recognized for its reliability and toughness. Likewise, you can also find a date window at 6 o’clock.

It is made of stainless steel and features a mineral crystal, an uncomplicated black dial, and a rubber strap to complete its look. It has a water resistance of up to 100m (or 10 ATM) and comes in a 42mm case. What’s more, this chronograph also has a tachymetric bezel and runs on a quartz movement.

So, how much are Briston Clubmaster Sport watches, you ask? Well, it depends on the watch's models. But rest assured, it all comes with very budget-friendly prices. For instance, its current collection of Clubmaster Sport Chronograph costs around $390 USD. It is one of the cheapest Briston watches that offer such an iconic look and larger engines worth investing in.

Prices for the Briston Clubmaster Vintage: Oldie but Goldie

The Briston Clubmaster Vintage is a classic watch created incorporating the history of the founder's time during his university. This watch is both functional and aesthetically appealing, offering a vibe of retro and modern look.  

All Briston's watches are equipped with Japanese quartz movement, including this collection. The Clubmaster Vintage features a plain black dial and is made of stainless steel. It comes with a 40mm case, comfy to wear, and perfect for both men and women.

Regarding its price, the Clubmaster Vintage usually ranges from $250 USD to $350 USD, depending on the watch's specifications. Compared to other collections, this watch's only downside is that it offers a water resistance of only up to 50m (5 ATM). Nonetheless, its case finish looks fine, the cushion case looks cool, and the chronograph functions well.

Prices for the Briston Clubmaster Lady: Chic Watches for Her

From the name of the collection itself, the Briston Clubmaster Lady is dedicated to all women, offering a dainty size of 24mm. The brand makes sure to produce such elegant and refined watches with a feminine touch that can lit up every lady's mood and outfit for the day. This timepiece is perfect for ladies going on a romantic getaway with their loved ones or even attending a business lunch the next day.

Anyone can easily distinguish this watch as it features a special double tour interchangeable NATO strap, which adds a unique taste to its overall appearance. Besides, wearers can also choose whether to go for Milanese mesh single or double tour if they love to. Its crown is always adored by many as it features a black onyx cabochon that perfectly blends with its silver-white dial.

Owning a Clubmaster Lady watch of Briston is not something far off, as it offers a very reasonable price range. In fact, its lowest price is below $200 USD. Like the previous model, it also offers a water-resistance feature up to 50 m/5 ATM. 

Prices for the Briston Clubmaster Iconic: An Elegant Dress Watch 

Briston's ultimate goal of launching a timeless and elegant watch that takes the brand's DNA and identity was realized in the Briston Clubmaster Iconic collection. It was released in the market with two options: an open dial that allows the wearer to view the mechanism underneath and one with a date complication. 

Its first-ever design offers a contemporary look that draws attention from buyers and collectors alike. Since its official debut in 2014, this collection has been a notable success around France and other neighboring countries worldwide.

It uses a movement signed by Seiko, a well-known NH35A caliber, that has been popularly known for its durability and reliability. It features a silver-sunray effect dial, a calf leather strap, with a case size of 40mm. Unlike the brand's typical large crowns, its crown is perfectly made, and the case is well-polished.

The timepiece may seem simple at first look, but you'll see how Briston successfully designs it once you have checked all of its details. Knowing that this model wasn't designed as a sports watch, it is no surprise that it comes with minimal water resistance up to 50m (5 ATM). 

About its cost, it is not cheap nor very expensive. You can get a Clubmaster Iconic watch at around $474 USD — still, a very budget-friendly price compared to other watches of the same features.

Briston's Milestones and Innovations

In 2012, Brice Jaunet officially introduced a new luxury French watch brand and named it "Briston". He always claimed that the brand produced refined, sporty yet elegant timepieces for men and women. All of Briston's collections are made out of inspiration from his experiences and days spent studying in Oxford and working with several large watchmaker industries like Richemont and Cartier.

Briston received much recognition because of how distinct the overall appearance of its watches, particularly with how they use such unusual materials like cellulose acetate and how it perfectly blends with the rest of the watch's vibrant colors. They always launch a timepiece that offers a contemporary and casual vibe, too.

More than that, Briston ensures to leave a distinctive signature to all its watches. For example, the Briston Clubmaster Classic features a cambered square-shaped case launched in 2013. Meanwhile, the Briston Clubmaster Sport features a chronograph dial that always comes with a date aperture, plus a tachymeter scale that’s located on the timepiece's inner bezel. This functions well to measure a speed-based travel time.

If you’re into retro watches, however, the Briston Clubmaster Vintage collection should be up your alley. There is also a diver and traveler watch, a perfect accessory whether going for a dive or to a new place to explore. They also offer a wide variety of styles and materials used in their latest catalog. Indeed, you can always find what best suits your style. 

Briston's Inspiring History

Briston's founder, Brice Jaunet, took 15 years to finally launch this luxury watch brand. His experience working with several prominent and largest watchmaking groups in the world had pushed and inspired Brice to start introducing watches of his own design.

The style of each Briston watch always comes from Brice's experiences while still studying in Oxford. He even came up with the brand's name Briston from the famous historic village found in Norfolk, England. A French brand with a British flair, Briston showcases the founder's personal experiences through its watch collections.

Briston came up with its own identity and distinction, releasing watches that are not just elegant, sporty-chic, and casual but also with a budget-friendly price. These watches are made using cellulose acetate, a material used in the eyewear industry, and then blend with other innovative raw materials with a final touch of different bold colors, resulting in its authentic styles.

The brand's prominent watches are under the Clubmaster collections such as Clubmaster Classic, Clubmaster Sport, Clubmaster Diver, Clubmaster Traveler, and its latest Streamliner Skeleton collection. It also offers a Clubmaster GMT Master, the most expensive Briston watches on its entire collections.

After six years since the brand existed in the market, it already sold 225,000 watches and provided stocks to 50 countries worldwide with 1,000 stores. Presently, it continues rising its popularity as one of the up-and-coming and trusted watch brands worth investing in.

Why Should You Get a Briston Watch?

Owning a luxury and elegant watch from prominent brands is something we take pride in. It is not just a piece of time-telling tool that we usually wear every day, but it is an heirloom that sometimes we create a personal connection to. But, of course, if we set aside the emotional aspect and focus on our budget, we will look for a watch according to the capacity of our pockets.

One newest brand that offers refined and classic timepieces that comes at a very affordable price is Briston. It is considered the youngest brand, not existing for a decade, but has many high-caliber and stylish watches to offer. Perhaps, the brand name sounds new to you, but if you dive deep into its history and existence, you'll surely be amazed at how worth investing in their watches are. To help convince you more, we have listed here the top five reasons you should consider getting a watch from Briston. So, shall we start?

1. High-quality materials. Since its debut in 2012, Briston has been producing well-made watches using high-quality materials for every detail of the timepiece. They use a Seiko (popularly known for its reliability and durability ) for the movement, a stainless steel or acetate tortoiseshell for the case, and always comes with water resistance up to 200 meters. Plus, they don't just launch new watch collections without double-checking all of the details.

2. Affordable prices. Briston is always known for the affordability of its watches. They produce watches with top-quality materials that come with a budget-friendly cost. For instance, you can get a Briston men's watch under the collection of Clubmaster Classic for around $139 USD, a Clubmaster Lady watch for around $178 USD, or even a much lower price and many more great options that fall within your budget.

3. Unique style. Briston has always been praised for its distinct and unique look. Each watch collection has its own identity, mainly why it grabs so much attention from the buyers and watches lovers. For instance, the Clubmaster Classic collection was made with a cambered-shaped square and a cellulose material, and the Clubmaster Iconic collection comes with two automatic movements. Moreover, the watches also offer different looks according to their models and specifications. The Clubmaster Classic watch offers a sporty yet chic vibe. The Clubmaster Lady watch offers a feminine touch as this collection is dedicated to women. The Clubmaster Iconic watch offers a contemporary look. Meanwhile, the Clubmaster Vintage watch offers a combination of retro and modern looks.

4. Various collections. Despite being a young brand, Briston offers a wide variety of watch collections. You can always pick what's the best style you prefer to own. Under its Clubmaster collections are Clubmaster Classic, Clubmaster Lady, Clubmaster Sport, Clubmaster Iconic, Clubmaster Vintage, Clubmaster Traveler, and many more. All of these timepieces come with a great reasonable price that surely falls on your budget.

5. Innovation. Briston is a brand that continuously innovates and experiments for a new timepiece to be introduced in the market. They always ensure to look for the best materials to use and a new unique design for their new collections. The brand is continuously experimenting with something new and special that they want to offer the best quality watches for their customers.

Briston: Versatile Watches for Every Lifestyle

Regardless of whether you are looking for a watch for a special occasion or a time-telling tool for a particular event, Briston has it all. The brand ensures developing and creating watches from materials that provide accessible wrist watches at affordable prices and function very well. 

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