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Breva Watches - The Origins

Vincent found success with his fashion brand. After years of doing well, he decided to sell the fashion brand and went on to run an art gallery after he earned an MBA.

By the time it was 2010, Vincent found his entrepreneur fire again and this time went on to launch a high-end Swiss brand. When Vincent was in Northern Italy, he was inspired and came up with the name, Breva. It came from “La Breva,” which relates to the warm climate around Lake Como.

Once the idea came to mind, Vincent and his team took a few years to do research and to develop their products. It was in 2013 at Baselworld when Breva made their debut with the Genie 01. At that time, it was the world’s first time seeing a mechanical wristwatch with multiple functions like this. It includes a barometer for weather, altimeter and power reserve indications and of course, time. The following year at Baselworld, Breva Watches introduced their second model, the Genie 02. The 02 is a complete high performance mechanical altimeter that has great functions.

Why Breva Watches are Unique

With an innovative vision for watchmaking, Breva is a perfect example of complications done beautifully. Breva Watches really wanted people to be aware of their environment and also get to monitor it. The brand is constantly pushed by the light of innovation and pushing the buttons. As creative as the company is, there is still a touch of tradition to them as watches. They’re modern pieces with classic approaches that are also meant to be more than just a watch.

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