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Bremont: Watchmaking with a British Flair

Tested beyond endurance and equipped with British engineering, Bremont is the quintessential English action timepiece. The premium brand boasts that if ‘their well-engineered pieces survive being ejected from a plane, they can survive almost anything’. 

Established in 2002, Bremont now has sought-after collections such as the car-inspired Jaguar and the aviation piece U-2. Each design is treated with B-EBE2000 technology for increased hardness and scratch resistance. Plus, Bremont’s sapphire crystal features an anti-reflective coating for the finest legibility. So, if you’re looking for a timepiece that goes beyond looks and function, then the Bremont brand is your match.

How much is a Bremont watch?

ModelPrice (Approximate)SizeFeatures
Bremont Supermarine S300 White$3,795 USD40mm
  • 300m water resistance
  • Stainless Steel Trip-Trick case
  • 20mm blue temple island rubber strap
  • BE-92AV automatic chronometer with 38-hour power reserve
  • Stainless steel screw-in case back
  • Sapphire crystal
Bremont Supermarine S2000 Red$5,295 USD45mm
  • 200m water resistance
  • 22mm Integrated rubber strap
  • BE-36AE automatic chronometer with 38-hour power reserve
  • Stainless steel Trip-Trick case
  • DLC treated case barrel
  • Stainless steel screw-in case back
  • Sapphire Crystal
Bremont Supermarine S500 Black$4,395 USD43mm
  • BE-36AE automatic chronometer with 38-hour power reserve
  • 50m water resistance
  • Stainless steel screw-in case back
  • Sapphire Crystal
  • Stainless steel Trip-Trick case
  • DLC treated case barrel
  • Integrated rubber strap
Bremont Terra Nova$5,995 USD43mm
  • Titanium case material
  • Integrated rubber strap
  • Black baton dial
  • 500m water resistance
  • BE-932AE automatic chronometer with 42-hour power reserve
Bremont Jaguar E-Type 60th Flat Out Grey$14,495 USD43mm
  • Stainless steel Trip-Trick case
  • PVD  treated case barrel
  • Stainless steel with integrated flat crystal case back
  • Sapphire Crystal
  • 22mm Grey Jag Leather with white stitch


Bremont Solo-37 White$3,695 USD37mm
  • BE-36AE automatic chronometer with 38-hour power reserve
  • Stainless steel with integrated flat crystal back
  • Metal dial with applied rose gold/silver indexes
  • Sapphire crystal
  • 100m water resistance
Bremont Alt1 C Anthracite$5,995 USD43mm
  • BE-50AE automatic chronometer with 42-hour power reserve
  • Hardened stainless steel Trip-Trick case
  • 100m water resistance
  • Black leather strap
  • Stainless steel with integrated flat crystal back
  • Sapphire crystal
Bremont Kingsman Watch Rose Gold$20,285 USD43mm
  • 100m water resistance
  • DLC treated case barrel
  • 18 carat rose gold trip-trick case
  • B5-54AE automatic chronometer with 42-hour power reserve
  • Embossed calfskin leather strap with rose gold pin buckle


Bremont MBIII $5,395 USD43mm
  • BE-932AE automatic chronometer with GMT and 42-hour reserve
  • Stainless case
  • 100m water resistance
  • Sapphire crystal
  • Anti-magnetic Faraday cage and anti-shock movement
  • Leather and additional temple island strap
  • Sapphire crystal
Bremont U-2/51-JET$5,195 USD43mm
  • BE-36AE automatic chronometer with 38-hour power reserve
  • Stainless steel DLC Trip-Trick case with a jet black barrel
  • Metal dial
  • Sapphire crystal
  • 100m water resistance


Bremont Watches’ Collections

Watchmaking is British trade. CWC, Farer, and Roger Smith are just a few English names that have been taking the timepiece industry by storm. But among the big brands in the country, Bremont reigns supreme with its goal to make quality pieces. Each collection from the England-based company is tested to make the best time accessory.

Prices for the Bremont Supermarine: Dive Watches with Aviation Principles

Ever since the British brand entered the time accessory scene, it never fails to keep watch enthusiasts on the edge of their seats. Without veering away from their signature style, the aviation-associated company released the chunky Bremont Supermarine in 2010. With a hardened steel bezel element and sapphire crystal, the brand released Bremont Supermarine 500 for its first-ever marine piece.

With a practical design, the Bremont Supermarine S500 is made with a 43mm stainless steel Trip-Trick case. A true professional diving watch, it is water-resistant for up to 500m. It has an integrated rubber strap and houses a 38-hour power reserve. And just like all the Supermarine watches, this model has a screw-in case in the back for added water protection. With its innovative function and design, the black dialed accessory is priced at $4,395 USD.

The ‘active’ brand watch released more solid designs of the Supermarine collection after S500’s hit. Unlike the first design which focuses on its purpose more than the looks, current models now both offer high functional timepieces that are eye-catching as well. One of its famous variants is the Bremont Supermarine S2000 that measures 45mm. Retailed at $5,295 USD, it’s available in two different colorways with either red and yellow accents. The 200m water-resistant chronograph has a stainless steel Trip-Trick case with an anti-shock and faraday cage. 

Polished and understated, the Bremont Supermarine S300 can even pass as your casual activity watch. This $3,795 USD chronograph is slightly smaller with a 40mm case but still constructed with a stainless steel Trip-Trick. It has a water resistance of 300m and is retailed with either black or blue temple island rubber strap.

Prices for the Bremont Jaguar: Cutting-Edge Chronographs

In celebration of the 60th anniversary of the renowned Jaguar E-type, Bremont watches and Jaguar Cars collaborated on a limited edition box set in 2021. With just 120 pieces made, each set of the Bremont Jaguar contains two chronographs in grey and green as a fitting tribute to the influential car.

These 43mm Bremont watches are directly inspired by the roadster’s instrument gauges with a black dial. The hour and minute hands mimic the car’s tachometer needle. While the lugs and crown have patterns that reflect the period-correct Dunlop racing tire. But it’s not just about the looks, these Bremont men’s watches are 200m water-resistant and have a 38-hour power reserve. Curious how much the Bremont watch cost? This stunning accessory cost approximately $14,495 USD as it’s the timepiece brand’s first-ever rally timer. The additional detail highlights two incredibly handy mechanical tools — a stopwatch with a tachymeter and a sub-second clock.

But apart from the limited-edition design, the two British giants also released designs in 2014. The partnership celebrates the six Jaguar E-type reproduced copies with six innovative styles. One of the many wonders of this collection includes a matching VIN for each car model.The $6,695 USD Jaguar D-type houses a navy-blue dial with the Jaguar logo above the 6pm position, and a crown with a tire-tread edging. 

For those looking for the same aesthetics as the Jaguar E-Type but prefer having the Jaguar logo in their dial, look no further than the Bremont Jaguar MK series. Their hour markings are identical to those of E-Type, and even a red line on one of their subdials reminiscent of the E-type tachometer. 

With a white gold and aluminum case, the MKI presents a black dial and a blue calf-leather racing strap that cost $8,995 USD. Available in either white and black dial, the MKII has a water resistance of 100m and 43mm case that’s paired with a blue band. This Bremont watch is tagged at $6,995 USD. Meanwhile, MKIII is crafted with a black dial and has a tire-tread etched crown. The Bremont watch price is $4,895.

Prices for The Bremont Hawking Collection: Ode to a Physics Icon

Here’s an iconic limited-edition collection that exudes luxury, prestige, and history. In 2020, Bremont founders and the family of the well-loved theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking, honored the late scientist with the Bremont Hawking collection. The work of heart collection features hand-crafted timepieces dedicated to Hawking’s study of time that paved more learnings in the understanding of the universe and more.

Classic and timeless, Bremont watches continue their signature style of blending historic materials and scientific innovations in this collection. Available in three variants, the back of the watch contains 4 wooden discs from Hawking’s desk. Furthermore, the chronometer also houses a meteorite that represents the cosmos. It’s also imprinted with the stars in the night sky of Oxford on January 8, 1942 when the influential British icon was born.

The Bremont Hawking pieces are equipped with a unique BE-33AE movement that has a 42-hour power reserve. These Bremont men’s watches have a 41mm case that’s paired with an alligator leather strap available in mahogany brown, navy blue, and black. Roughly priced at $9,995 USD, the stainless steel variant features a black dial that’s designed just like a black hole. This exquisite timepiece is also offered in rose gold and white gold case that cost $22,495 USD and $23,495 USD.

The premium watchmaker also released elegant and sophisticated pieces for women. The 34mm stainless steel Bremont Hawking Quantum has a dial fully made from meteorite. What’s more, the bezel and markers are adorned with diamonds that perfectly go well with its matte polished bracelet. With a 38-hour power reserve and BE-92AV chronometer, the women’s Bremont watch price is approximately $9,995 USD.

Prices for the Bremont Supersonic: Limited-Edition Dress Watches

Brilliant and beautiful, the renowned Concorde plane flies again this time as one of Bremont’s men’s watches. British Airways and Bremont celebrated the aircraft’s 50th anniversary with the Bremont Supersonic, the English giant’s first manually wound and historical limited-edition timepiece. The Supersonic models include a decorative ring metal from the popular airplane for a well-made hand-crafted chronometer.

Exuding style from the ‘70s, the sunburst white dial is influenced by Concorde’s reflective paint. It has an 8-day power reserve that’s visible as it contains an indicator at the 12 o’clock position. These Bremont men’s watches are also highly functional as it’s water-resistant for up to 100 meters. The 43mm high-end design has 3 stunning variants— rose gold, white gold, and stainless steel.

With a blue crocodile strap to match the white gold case, the Bremont Supersonic White Gold is the accessory for all occasions. The Bremont watch price is $23,995 USD and includes a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal that’s also incorporated in all variants. At $22,495 USD, the Supersonic Rose Gold is complemented with a brown strap for a refined and classic take. Meanwhile, the $12,495 USD Supersonic Stainless Steel is matched with a navy blue strap for a casual look.

Prices for the Bremont U-2: Aviation Timepiece at Its Finest

Intricately designed for the Spy Plane Squad that’s based in Beale, California, the Bremont U-2 is definitely a one-of-kind collection. The Bremont men’s watches are exclusively tested by the elite squad in both their outdoor missions and laboratory. Made to withstand aviation's worst-case scenario, you can be assured that this model can definitely weather through the worst elements. 

A suitable companion for professional pilots, the 2010 flight-oriented timepiece is made entirely of steel except for its inner barrel that’s in anodized aluminum. It also has touches from the popular spy plane’s cockpit instrumentation. This design even looks like it was taken directly out of the plane. Aside from the looks, these Bremont watches are coated with DLC that’s incredibly scratch resistant.

Priced at $4,795 USD, the Bremont U-2 SS shows a metal dial enclosed in a 43mm hardened stainless steel case. It’s matched with a black leather or stainless steel strap and a domed anti-reflective crystal. If you’re intrigued how much this Bremont watch costs, this 43mm accessory is approximately $5,395 USD.

In 2018, Bremont watches released the U-2/51-JET for a spotlight-stealing mash-up of their ‘51’ lume and the stealth U-2. The heat-treated steel-blue hands and nod to the enigmatic RAF’s 100 squadron in its design take this piece of jewelry to new heights. This jet black leather strapped accessory costs $5,195 USD and has water-resistance of 100m. But if you’re a fan of DLC coated bands, the U-2/51-JET bracelet is your match. This Bremont watch price is $5,795 USD with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal just like the leather one.

Prices for the Bremont Solo: Minimalist Pilot Watches

The feisty British brand continues to show its passion for both aviation and watches with the collection of Bremont Solo. With elements from 1940 pilot timepieces, the Bremont men’s watches promises a well-built and conservative-looking accessory. It’s the simplest model the company ever made with a white and red triangle as the 12 o’clock marker for a retro vibe.

The English timepiece maker originally released the collection with the Bremont Solo Black - White model that features a 43mm wide case. In an elegant shape, it’s treated with a scratch-resistant DLC and is water-resistant for 100m. If you’re looking to enter the Bremont watches collection, there would be no better choice than this minimalist accessory. The black dial is perfectly paired with white markers and hands which goes well with its black leather strap. What’s more, this Bremont watch price is approximately $3,995 USD for the ideal entry-level piece.

Following the success of the subtle yet refined aviation-influenced piece, the Solo collection is now available with additional three designs. At $3,995 USD, the Bremont Solo Black Cream matches the black dial with cream-colored markers and hands. The Solo White exudes a divine casual look with a white dial, markers, and hands that cost $3,995 USD. The collection also offers a sleek feel with the Solo Polished White and Solo Polished Black that are tagged at $4,195 USD.

But if you’re on the lookout for a leveled-up casual look, the Bremont Solo collections also have stainless steel variants that start at $4,195 USD. 

Bremont’s Technological Innovations

When it comes to innovation and durability, nothing comes close to Bremont watches. The England-based brand takes advantage of British engineering to make accurate, legible, and stylish time accessories. They use state-of-the-art machinery such as Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Technology for precise, complex designs. 

Their pieces also include a Trip-Trick casing that’s made with three parts. It’s constructed with a hardened steel bezel front, a metal middle barrel, and a style and crystal back. This contributes to the overall toughness of the timepieces. Furthermore, the watches are also equipped with Bremont’s very own B-EBE2000 hardness treatment. This doubles the hardening of the casing using heat treatment and electron bombardment which also makes the stainless steel parts scratch-resistant.

Reasons to Buy a Bremont Watch

With expertly made mechanical movements, Bremont’s premium accessories are not just any typical British timepiece. From the brand’s innovative take on ‘action’ watches to its vision for excellent quality pieces, each collection is a work of art and science. So if you’ve been eyeing Bremont chronographs for a long time, here are a few reasons why it’s worth the price:

1. A 3-year warranty

Although the English company’s accessories are equipped for any worst-case scenario, each of their pieces has a 3-year warranty. Bremont promises that they won’t let watch connoisseur down as each of their timepieces is tested beyond endurance. That’s why they're confident enough to give each of their timepieces a warranty.

2. Quality over quantity

The British company focuses on manufacturing the best pieces in the watch industry. Most of their designs are made in a relatively small amount as the brand’s engineers and watchmakers take years to train. With the little number of Bremont timepieces, your accessory will surely hold its value in the long run.

3. 99.99% accuracy

Bremont’s core range watch involves a 15-day process before it can be chronometer rated. With this, the British brand promises the most accurate mechanical piece that has a daily variation rate between -4 and +6 seconds.

Bremont Watches: How It All Started

The hints of aviation and mechanics are always present in each watch of Bremont. Founders Nick and Giles English got their adoration for both fields through their aeronautical and RAF pilot father. In 1996, the English brothers met Antoine Bremont when they were forced to make an emergency landing on Bremont’s pea field. 

Bremont was a World War II pilot and a watch enthusiast collecting restored wall clocks in his home. With his interest in life closely mirroring the brothers, the founders named the brand after him. Although the company was established in 2002, it had its first launch in 2007. Since then, Bremont’s exponential growth was made possible by their continued release of meticulously made high-quality pieces.

Now, Bremont has a workshop in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, where they develop and assemble mechanical watches. Some parts and the cases of the chronometers are manufactured on their own, giving the company control over the finish of their timepieces. With this, the designs and collections of Bremont boast a unique and stylish look giving them a spot in the top 10 of the world’s chronometer makers.

Bremont Watches and Popular Personalities

Orlando Bloom

Known for his iconic roles in Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean, English actor Orlando Bloom was frequently spotted wearing Bremont’s timepieces. At the 2013 Golden Globe Awards, the actor was seen with the limited-edition P-51. It is a chronograph chronometer that’s built with original parts from 1944 Mustang World War 2 aircraft. While biking, the 300m Supermarine S301 was seen on the actor’s wrist. This stainless watch has a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal that’s perfect for any active outdoor activity.

Miranda Kerr

Although a men’s watch, Australian model Miranda Kerr was photographed wearing the Bremont ALT1-C in white black. The 43mm stainless steel piece has a white dial that’s complemented with a brown vintage leather strap.

Tom Hardy

With a pineapple on his right hand and the Bremont ALT1-ZT/51 wrapped on his left, Tom Hardy sure knows how to steal a scene. While celebrating Halloween, the actor was photographed wearing the 100m water-resistant timepiece. The black dialed accessory has a brown vintage leather strap for the perfect casual watch.

The Quintessential Bremont Watches

Whether it’s for an activity-filled day or a casual night out, Bremont has the perfect watch for any occasion. With its well-engineered and extensively tested pieces, the British brand makes sure to deliver excellent pieces that go beyond fashion statement and checking time. If you’re looking for a timepiece that gives more than what you paid for, then Bremont’s wide selection is the wise pick. 

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